Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does your product stain?

Algaedyn is a very dark brown color and can stain clothing and other surfaces in it’s concentrated form.

2. Can I purchase Algaedyn direct from you?

We sell Algaedyn at wholesale to pool distributors, suppliers, techicians and pool maintenance companies. To purchase wholesale please call us or use our contact form to get in touch! For retail customers Algaedyn can be purchased through pool retailers, pool maintenance companies and on-line…just search for Algaedyn and look for our distinct white bottle with red letters.

3. When is it safe to swim after an Algaedyn treatment?

Algaedyn in the bottle is in a concentrated form. Once the proper dosage is administered to the pool the concentration will dissipate and we ask you to keep the filter pump on for 72 hours. The pool is safe to swim in if the water is clear, but as a general rule we like to give at least 24 hours to let the product fully dissipate.