Black Algae Control Made Easy

For 63 years Algaedyn has been known to be the most effective product on the market to destroy and eliminate Black Algae.

What is Algaedyn?

Algaedyn is a trusted, time tested silver based algaecide specially formulated to eliminate black algae, mustard algae and pink slime fast.

Why use Algaedyn?

Put simply, because it works. There’s no substitute on the market. When used as directed Algaedyn destroys your algae blooms including black algae, mustard algae and pink slime fast.

Pool Maintenance

Follow our easy maintenance program to keep your pool algae free!

Where to Buy

Your Local Pool Supply Shop

For help in finding Algaedyn in your area please contact or call us at (847) 869-7800.


Have used Algaedyn for 30 years. It is the best.”

Dave. Aquaman Pool Group

“Works well.  Half a quart for a 10,000 gallon pool.  Brush algae, add Algaedyn  Repeat 3-4 weeks GONE!  Has not come back in 7 months.”

C. Doering, Innovative Pool Concepts, Inc.

“Gets rid of algae in 24 hours and the water does not brown.”

B. Peters