“Had an infested pool with black algae, gook everywhere! Put in half a quart one week, the other half the next week.  Killed the black algae.”

David Bonno, Bonnos Pool Service, La Habra, CA


“The best of the best, kills black algae and the algae has not come back since.”

Joseph Byeon.  Top Swimming Pool Service, Chine Hills, CA


“Have used Algaedyn for 30 years.  It is the best.”  Dave.  Aquaman Pool Group

“Kicks Black Algae’s Ass!”  Jeff Keelly, JK Pools


“Works well.  Half a quart for a 10,000 gallon pool.  Brush algae, add Algaedyn  Repeat 3-4 weeks GONE!  Has not come back in 7 months.”

Chad Doering, Innovative Pool Concepts, Inc.


“Gets ride of algae in 24 hours and the water does not brown.”

Brandon Peters


“Pour the Algaedyn into the skimmer and let it run for 24 hours, sometimes without scrubbing black algae is gone!”

Lino Ortiz, Pools by Lino


“Always works, learned about it when started in the business, no browning of the water, great for commercial accounts.”

David Raigh,  Raigh Pool Services.


“Very Good Product.  When algae is worst we sell our customers Algaedyn!”

Daniel Berhe, Aqua Swimming Pool Supplies.